SilverKat is a 26-ft. catamaran that sleeps 2 to 4 persons, versatile, economical, designed for daily sailing and brief cruises, easy to disassemble and transport.
The aluminum structure, slender and light, is that of an open catamaran.
With a retractable mast and rigging, it can pass under bridges and navigate in very shallow water, up to the most economical docking berths, and can be pulled onto the beach. The roll-up spanker and jib facilitate handling, while for more athletic navigators the craft can be equipped with a traditional mast and full batten  mainsail. For navigation in inland waterways and for mooring procedures, an outboard motor can be installed.
Four people can assemble and disassemble the catamaran without using a crane, for maintenance, for storage, or to transport it to the next vacation place quickly and at minimum cost.

To make the structure so slender and light, the berths and living facilities are situated almost entirely outside of the hulls. The master cabin two-place berth consists of an air-camping, mounted at the centre of the cockpit, above an ample container that serves as stowage locker. The galley equipment is installed in one of the lockers. Two additional berths can be installed, upon request, in the upper part of the lockers left free by the galley.
The only accessible area of the hulls consists of two compartments, situated in the middle of each hull. The head is installed in one of these compartments. The symmetrical compartment, in the other hull, is designed for installation of the electronic equipment and for plotting the course.
Forward of the head and course-plotting compartments, both of the hulls are entirely filled with  styrofoam, practically unsinkable.
For daily sailing, the air-camping and the container below it can be disassembled and left on land, lightening the weight of the catamaran and enhancing its performance.
When the craft is moored the cockpit, measuring approx. 215 sq. ft., is inhabitable even in bad weather, thanks to an awning with textile closure around the edges supplied as standard equipment.
The structural system calls for a few elements designed ad hoc to be assembled with components currently available in the boating and camping sphere. The aluminum structure. partly welded and partly riveted, requires no molds and can be built in an ordinary machine shop. This ensures:
  1. simplicity of design, with notable savings in construction costs ;
  2. versatile outfitting and maximum customising;
  3. easy replacement of any component.

Arch. Anthony Lee


Technical Features



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